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Hippo Bamboo Socks Adults 4-7

Hippo Bamboo Socks Adults 4-7

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Hippo Bamboo Socks

These blue bamboo socks save the hippos! 

Introducing our eco-friendly bamboo socks – the perfect combination of style, sustainability, and compassion. Protect your feet, protect the planet, and protect the badgers with these incredibly soft and luxurious fabric socks. Crafted with utmost care and precision, these socks are made from sustainable bamboo fibers, promoting a greener future. Not only will you indulge in unrivaled comfort with every step, but you'll also be making a positive impact on the environment. Show your love for our earth and support the conservation of wildlife with our badger bamboo socks – a true testament to fashion with a purpose.

These socks are great for working in the office or working from home in comfort. Their sweat-wicking abilities makes them great for workouts, and we even have groomsmen wear our socks for their weddings! Perfect socks for all occasions.

10% of profits on these socks donate to African Parks. 

Adults size 4-7

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