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Howlite and Onyx Crystal

Howlite and Onyx Crystal

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Onyx and Howlite Semi-Precious with crystal rondelles.

Semi-Precious elasticated Onyx and Howlite bracelet with the addition of sparkle from the crystal rondelle.  Amazonite and rose quartz versions are also available.  Measuring width of 8mm and length options available.

Onyx semi-precious stone beads are a banded variety of Chalcedony. The colours of the bands can range from many different colours, but commonly, Onyx specimens contain bands of black and occasionally white. Onyx is known to bring balance to the mind and body as well as strength of mind. 

Howlite round beads are white with grey inclusions, giving a lovely marbled effect. Howlite is also sometimes dyed blue or green. A calming stone, Howlite is sometimes used by crystal healers to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Semi-Precious items are made to order therefore colours may differ slightly from images. 

Beautifully packaged in a sleeve branded prestige jewellery box covered in a black embossed soft touch material with a smooth black PU interior, care instructions, anti-tarnish square and polishing cloth.


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