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Zebra Bamboo Socks Adult 7-11

Zebra Bamboo Socks Adult 7-11

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Zebra Bamboo Socks Adult 7-11

These dark grey and white bamboo socks save the zebras! 

Introducing our eco-friendly bamboo socks, designed to protect your feet, protect the planet, and even protect the zebra! Made with love and sustainability in mind, these socks are crafted from breathable and ultra-soft bamboo fibre's that will keep your feet feeling comfortable and dry all day long. Not only are they a treat for your feet, but they also contribute to reducing environmental impact. By choosing these bamboo socks, you're making a conscious choice to support renewable and biodegradable resources. So step into style while making a positive change for our planet – and the zebras too!

Perfect for the reliable and silvertongue, our thermoregulating socks are softer than cotton and wash best at 30 degrees. Protect your feet, protect the planet and protect the zebra with our bamboo socks

10% of profits on these socks donate to African Parks. 

Size Adults 7-11

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